Do not waste your crises, chaos!

No matter in which sector or what size you are producing, you work with people.

Thanks to our mastery of human nature, we are able to develop great solutions!

Some of our practices have been based on scientific foundations, and others have been developed in the light of experiences.

All of our reports and solutions are based on various control mechanisms.

We help business owners who are not yet able to differentiate between strategy and tactics; to achieve strategic depths, and we develop your perspective on strategy and operation!

Compared to classic consulting services, we produce solutions that help you create time-saving and opportunities between 80% and 93%!

Mustafa Emin Palaz

We go beyond the apparent causes of problems and create more effective solutions. We change the rules of the game in a scientific perspective with strategic and emotional steps. Mustafa Emin Palaz the key name of this network and the solution to the solution.

His first psychological work was to treat a turtle that traumatized with violence, the first corporate crisis in which he has rolled up was to protect a client of SME status against three globally strong firms.

His business life that he started very early evolved over time and changed direction as the youngest professional coach. Thanks to the techniques he developed, he is now specialized in chaos management . Even if he identifies himself as a crisis strategist, our customers and stakeholders refer to him as game changer. He shares his experiences with 300 articles published in journals and blogs. He is a volunteer mentor to psychologists, coaches and trainers. He talks in original concepts such as innovative thinking, conflict communication processes and practical crisis management.

His hobbies are didgeridoo (Aboriginal instrument), iaido (Japanese Sword Art) and make decoration products from wood chips. Motorcycle is a part of life…

Miğferden Saksı (Pot From The Helmet) is his first book is on the shelf which can take crises on consensus, used as bedside book on strategic thinking skills and used as homework book in some university studies.

His work on conflicted communication management and his work is about to be on shelves under the name of Kavga Etme Sanatı (The Art Of Hassle)

. The book which implements practical skills on Anatolian-style strategies will be published in April 2019,

Duygusal İşletme Yönetimi (Emotional Business Management) , as a textbook, will be published in October 2019, which focuses on the ability to manage emotions in a professional-looking but super-emotional society.

Krizlerde İnsan Faktörü (Human Factor In Crises) is promising to inspirations for managers a basic factor that their ignored when they solving problems, he explains deeply by cases, and the book will be published on January 2020,

Güven Ekonomisi (The Confidence Economy) will be published in October 2021 and modeled trust and similar sentiments as economic factors,

Ödül Hukuku (The Reward Law) book study, which he commented on the Philosophy of Law, in the perspective of renewed humanitarianism, will be published in October 2023.

His novel Şey (The Thing), which is about to be written as a novel of mentoring on strategy, continues.

You can click here. to read his personal blog posts (But only in Turkish for now).

Miğferden Saksı
If you do not want to waste your crisis, you should read this book!
(but only in Turkish. If you wish an English summary, please contact us via mail)
Your character structure has a significant importance in your crises.
You can solve the test here to find out.

We strive to provide more than just classical coaching or counseling in our services. We measure and improve our steps to achieve results beyond expectations. A few very strong figures from this laboratory that opened to corporate miracles:

Peace In Disputes %94.7
Growth After Crisis +%37.8
Hit Rate In Forecast Reports %99.06
Time Saving When Compared %91.41
Solution in Family Problems %74.8


Chaos Coaching
A methodology developed to enable you to take decisions, take action and even get opportunities in your urgent, complex, uncompromising, clogged situations. A technic to take the board of directors who cannot manage their lawyer, financial adviser and especially self-governing. These sessions save up to 99.53% compared to conventional consulting services, promise to turn your crises into opportunities; so your weakness adds momentum to your growth!
Atmosphere Analysis
If you have time problems or you don't yet know what your problem is, we have a great service: we offer our observations and predictions that can be evaluated as a multi-dimensional X-ray. We create reports that reflect the emotional dynamics of your team, how they affect each other in the near future, what risks they contain and how they can be managed. You can reach a rich power from unresolved department problems, unmanaged processes, the causes of frequent repetitions and strategic moves.
Emotional Business Management Certificate Program
The only certification program that offers the necessary emotional management skills for business management in Anatolia and similar emotional communities! In 10 sessions, crisis management skills are acquired with real cases, decision-making and implementation skills are developed, emotional dynamics are learned in business management, and experience is gained. You can participate in this program through the universities, associations and institutes that we are solution partners and can be tailored to your organization.

Corporates that turned crises into opportunity

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